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The Best Way to Get Rid of Excess Water

The landscape that sits in the lower-lying area will most likely cause the water to be collected in pools as it flows down to the lowest point. This collected water erodes the ground and causes the foundations to grow weak. A drainage system installed by a professional company like GLA Groundworks Limited is needed to avoid making your property soggy and muddy with excess water.

Uses of Drainage Systems

The drainage system installed by us for your yards or landscapes include the following features:

  • Retention of stormwater
  • Drainage of yards
  • Parking lot drainage
  • Channel drainage
  • Retaining walls

Drainage Installation Services We Offer

Designed Installations

A properly designed drainage system is necessary to blend in with the property aesthetics as well as performing its function.  A poorly installed drain network can cause a number of issues like ground contamination, flooding, and sewerage blocking, all of which can cause damage to your homes or buildings. Our experts can help repair broken pipes and open clogged drains to ensure the optimal functionality of the system. We also install a new drainage system according to the ground designs as per your requirements and budget.

Channel Installation

Besides installing drainage systems for your yards or buildings, we can also install channel drainage with which you can connect every drainage system for a central sewerage flushing mechanism. We will connect each drainage system accordingly to make it easy for you to drain either from your washing area or garage. A network will be created with which your drain water will be flushed directly in sewers while keeping your landscape safe from harm.

You can count on GLA Groundworks Limited for waterproofing your basement as we have experience in dealing with drainage issues and can easily provide you an optimum solution to your drainage system problems.