About Block Paving

Block Paving also known as brick paving is a commonly used decorative method of creating a pavement or hard-standing. The main benefit of using bricks over other materials is that individual blocks can be lifted and replaced when they suffer damage or become worn.

Using blocks can achieve many different laying patterns, one of the most popular is the herringbone pattern; as it offers the strongest bond due to it’s interlocking.

Where can Block Paving be seen

Block paving is typically seen and used for drives, pavements, patios, walkways and road surfacing. Used for drives due to the styles it offers and the selection of choice available it can be a stylish addition to any home; often a popular choice for patios for similar reasons. Used in light traffic areas it’s a great solution as a surface option for walkways and roads due to the strength of the interlocking and the ability to replace individual blocks.

Block paving is the option of choice for a surface solution due to the huge range of benefits it has, although more expensive than other options it can last longer than other options when maintained correctly.

Benefits Of Block Paving:

  • Adds value to your property
  • Variety of colours
  • Variety of shapes
  • Can be designed in a range of patterns
  • Interlocking provides enhanced strength
  • No costly repairs, individual bricks can be replaced
  • Allows for easy drainage without the needs for seperate drainage

Who installs Block Paving?

Block paving is usually installed by driveway specialists, this is because they know the best way to lay and interlock the bricks in the correct way. By employing a company to carry out installation of the blocked paving you will be guaranteed a perfect drive, they will work with you to ensure you have a design and pattern you like and will also help you choose the right colour to match the style of your property or the surroundings.

The length of time it takes depends on the size of the space being paved, although it usually takes a few days. The process involves everything from excavating, to supplying a base then installation and finishing off.

How is Block Paving installed?

Block paving starts off with site preparation and excavation, the site will need to be inspected and then excavated depending on the land and if there is already an existing driveway. If you have soft land or soft spots a sub base may need to be installed to provide a more stable foundation.

The site will need to be edged out so you have a set space to excavate and lay out the block paving, all block paving come with a standard sub base. The land will be compacted with a compactor and then a layer of sharp sand will need to be laid on top of it, which should be raked and then checked with string lines and screeding rails to ensure it is level.

The installer will then start to lay the block paving ensuring it is laid out in your desired pattern and the colours flow in a way that’s appropriate for the chosen pattern. They will use blocks from different packs to ensure you aren’t left with noticeable different shadings of colour patches.

Once the laying of the blocks is finished kiln dried sand will be brushed into the joints, and compacted using a vibrating plate, this helps to strengthen the interlocking and also ensures the blocks are laid level. The process will be carried out a second time to ensure no joints are left unfilled.

Different colours etc..

One of the reasons people choose block paving is because of the stylish choices, available in a range of colours and the ability to lay them in a range of designs and patterns, and now with a choice of shaped and sized blocks, the possibilities are endless. A block paving experts will help you choose the best colours that match your property they will also go through a range of designs with you. Once a pattern or design is chosen you’ll be able to select the colour bricks you want and how many different colours you wish to use. As a surfacing option it remains one of the most popular options for homeowners especially for use on driveways.

Expert Block Paving Services in Crawley

Block paving is a common sight throughout the UK, from footpaths on High Street to domestic driveways. Block paving installers provide a robust, versatile and aesthetically pleasing flooring option that can be appliedto driveways, roads, footpaths, parking areas, patios and many other areas. With a team of skilled and expert patios and paving installers, GLA Groundworks Limited provides you with an excellent service that speaks quality.

Expert Installers

If you have made a decision to install block paving for your driveway or patios, you have come to the right place. We have a team of expert block paving installers who will ensure that you receive a high-quality finish according to your preferences. Our experts have the skill and experience in providing a perfect block paving service that delivers a perfect driveway for you. Our installers use a variety of block of different designs based on your budget and requirements. We offer you the largest collection of shapes, style, sizes and colours to choose from so we can install it accordingly. No job is difficult for our experts, and we pride ourselves in being the industry professionals.

Why You Need Block Paving?

Low Maintenance: The best advantage of attaining block paving services is that it has incredibly low maintenance. This is because of the nature of the material and its durability against the outside environment. Just a regular wash will do the job.

Versatility: Block paving is available in many colours, designs and sizes that can easily shape any design driveway or patio.

Enhancement of Visual Appeal: Patios and paving installers will provide the service in a way that it increases the visual appeal of your patio, driveway and ultimately your home.  

Durable: blocks used in paving consist of high-grade material that can easily sustain the environmental effects and remain strong for a long period of time.

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